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G-CIVO gently glides off into the distance bound for New York. Flying is the start of a new journey into the sky that leads you to somewhere far away, being able to end up anywhere in the world. I first got an interest for it when I was younger being able to pop to Dubai a few times before I got older and decided to go flying around the rest of the world. My inspiration for that might not be here any more physically, but I’ll always make sure to remember her wherever I fly to, as she would have loved to have been there with me on each take off and each flight. It will take me a long time to get to a point where I fly like that again, but its one of those things that only time and travel will be able to heal.  

British Airways A380 G-XLEC heads into the sunset at Heathrow bound for Los Angeles, 10 hours away.

Travelling, a piece of mind.

For me travelling is a huge stress relief for me, and I’ve been repeatedly told not to bottle things up. I feel that I need to plan a long trip to somewhere far away to clear my mind, watch the world from a different perspective, enjoying something I’ve always loved. The person who made my world was taken from me, through an illness that I couldn’t help her from which fills me with complications that will take a long time to fix. You spend your time thinking someone will always be there, and then within a few weeks they disappear, sending everything into shock which hasn’t worn off. So I’ll find somewhere far away to go, sit on the side of a beach and watch the waves with her memories right beside me, knowing she is there and never forgetting her at all.

Take nothing for granted and make the most of everything.

Sunrise in Edinburgh

Steam in the West Highland

Up in the Highlands

How to travel by train during the hours of darkness, on a bed at 80mph through the countryside.

Heading towards London again

Cross Country Voyager

Sunrise in Cornwall

315804 at Southend after the rushour

LOT Polish Airlines Boeing 787-8 SP-LRA makes a final turn to line up with London Heathrow, in doing so it passes London Waterloo, the Shard and the London Eye all along the river Thames. 

SP-LRA climbs out over the city of Warsaw bound for Heathrow.

SP-LRA lines up with 27R and begins its approach into London Heathrow.

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